Catching a Sailboat to America?

Sea travel in the 19th Century

To cross the Atlantic Ocean in the 1800’s, you needed to board a sail ship. That was your ONLY option! If you wanted to travel from England to America today, would this mode of transport be your first choice? Perhaps, if you’re looking for an adventure, but this would definitely not be under the same conditions as the immigrants of past had to endure.


If you needed to get from the UK to the USA today in a hurry, obviously you would choose an airliner, not so?

Sub-orbital flight is no longer just a distant dream

Transportation technology has advanced so much in the last 200 years, that very soon you will even have the option of taking a sub-orbital space jet to get there in a fraction of the time. If you could afford it and had the choice, which would yours be?

Transportation is just one example in a myriad of advancements made to make our lives easier, faster, more productive, arguably more enjoyable & comfortable!? Humans continuously strive for improvement and efficiency in all aspects of life. Why then, do we continue to feed the population of this world in the same manner as was thought to be correct in the 1960’s?

Amongst some of the most important aspects pertaining to human life on this planet that are ignored and left to wallow in the past, is DIET & EDUCATION.

Education in most countries is archaic in the way that it is presented. School systems remain rooted in procedures that were adopted in the 1960’s or even earlier, yet the children are expected to exit the system as functional & contributing human beings in today’s economic and highly technological world. There are only a handful of forward-thinking countries (more specifically in Scandinavia) that have adapted the way in which their children are taught & treated at schools and their changes seem to have made a vast improvement if you refer to the countries listed as having the best education systems in the world.

Old School Food Pyramid

In the same way, the recommended healthy diet (according to Western standards), is based on a system that was conceived in the 1970’s, when the production of food and the world’s population were remarkably different to what they are today.

Today, a very different pyramid is ideal for various reasons. These include sustainability, conservation, health, sustainability and humanity! Unfortunately, the drivers behind the old school thought control the economy and it’s more about profits than the greater good.


When the argument arises about the different types of diets and which are the best suited for us as humans to adopt because of how our ancestors lived, the same argument applies. Are we anything like our Homosapien ancestors that were still evolving and happened to be nearer the bottom of the food chain, rather than being considered apex predators? I think not. Our living conditions are nothing like they were over 200 000 years ago! Heck, our living conditions are no where near to what they were even 20 years ago!

Can we really compare?

So, following this thought pattern, is the fact that we may possibly have remnants of canines in our mouths a qualifying criteria for us to rip the flesh of animals from their bones, all the while tearing through their hair-covered hides without tools? The canines we do have in our mouths are way outnumbered by the molars & incisors, yet these are not considered as a valid argument that we should rather be chewing on plants instead.

If we look at our physiology and take all the associated facts and aspects into consideration, it is scientifically much more prevalent that we should be eating many more plant-based foods, rather than eating meat!

Considering some of the largest and most powerful mammals on earth (see my blog on Why I became a Herbivore & you should too!) are herbivores, we could learn a lot from them. But hey, we aren’t exactly built like elephants are we? No. But we aren’t built like lions either! Looking at animals which we are most closely related to, namely primates, one can identify astonishing similarities. Apart from the type of teeth we have and the fact that our jaws are equipped to move sideways as well as up and down, our internal digestive organs are also a very powerful indicator that plants should be the way to go for us humans!


Ok, if we were to drop the whole debate for a second about whether a vegan or a carnivore diet is the better option for us to lose weight and being lean & sexy… we also need to consider that the world has changed and continues to change all the time. As with everything else in our lives which is considered uber-important, we need to adapt to survive and thrive. Not only should this include our beliefs and practices concerning our diets and what we eat, but should rather be top priority!

Consider a major buzz-word of our times: SUSTAINABILITY. The population of the world has more than doubled since 1960!

Where are we heading?

It was 123 years before it reached two billion in 1927, but it took only 33 years to reach three billion in 1960. Thereafter, the global population reached four billion in 1974, five billion in 1987, six billion in 1999 and, according to the United States Census Bureau, seven billion in March 2012.

What exactly does this mean? Well, we are running out of space to live & produce food… As discussed in my blog post An Inconvenient Truth, the effect of land use to produce animal derived products, such as meat, dairy, eggs & fish are responsible for massive degradation of the earth’s natural resources and land masses, most of which are VITAL to our very survival. In short, we’re cutting our noses off to spite our faces!


As the only self-conscious species on Earth, we have the foresight & the ability to know what it takes to plan for a long-term goal. All other species on this earth act purely on instinct and seek immediate gratification. Successful people understand the achievement of long-term happiness and success, sometimes requires short-term sacrifice for the greater good. They know that by holding out for a little while, the reward will be so much greater! Do you?

Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed in order to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal.[1] Goals are more deliberate than desires and momentary intentions. Therefore, setting goals means that a person has committed thought, emotion, and behavior towards attaining the goal. In doing so, the goal setter has established a desired future state which differs from their current state thus creating a mismatch which in turn spurs future actions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Do you STILL believe claims like this?

A few decades ago, cigarette advertising was common-place and even promoted as being beneficial! Nowadays EVERYONE knows that this was a load of horse shit, but at the time, it was still considered to be OK. Many adverts even had medical doctors shown lighting one up between consultations! Ask ANY doctor today about the effect of smoking cigarettes on the human body and I am certain that not even a single one would promote it.

The question that we should really be asking ourselves is: Who is responsible for the legislation, regulations & recommendations of factors concerning our well-being? Who’s in charge of delivering the truth about consumer products ….  the governing industries / the manufacturers themselves? They are one and the same!

Just as it was in the tobacco industry back in the day, so it is in the food industry today… BIG MONEY still rules. There are only 10 major players in the world’s largest industry that control & regulate everything! Who’s interests do they have at heart? These guys at the top with the most to lose need to ensure that they remain there and the only way to do that is to create a truth that suits them.

Illusion – reality is perception! Who is creating yours?


One of the biggest arguments for the case of continuing to farm & eat animal products is that “we have always done it”. Our forefathers were strong & healthy and it’s in our genes to eat meat & drink milk! It’s the basis of a healthy diet…

There may be some truth in that, HOWEVER, as just mentioned, everything is constantly changing in our world and survival calls for adaption. This also refers to the way in which we cultivate and consume food. The planet CANNOT sustain man’s insatiable appetite for meat, fish, eggs & dairy. Just because we have always done it that way, definitely does not mean that we need to continue doing it that way.

What WE, as the self-proclaimed apex species on Earth, NEED TO do is ADAPT to the environment around us. The environment can no longer cope trying to adapt to us.

Even if you don’t want to consciously consider the atrocities and animal mistreatment issues so prevalent in animal agriculture for human consumption, we need to at least consider our own futures. The world cannot sustain the current growth rate of the human population, nor the manner in which we conduct ourselves to feed our gluttony.


Although pollution and the use of fossil fuels are a major factor in the cause of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, a lesser-known fact is that the by-product of animal agriculture supersedes the damage caused by the aforementioned! As responsible humans that care for our families (at least, if not for all other life on the planet), we need to do everything in our power to be part of the solution, rather than contribute to the cause.

There is no single correct way to help save the planet. It’s a culmination of lots and lots of different & varying ways that add up. Do EVERYTHING that you as an individual possibly can to live a cleaner, less damaging life and the results will come. Do not for one second think that one individual cannot make a difference… you DO!

It is EVERY person’s responsibility in ALL aspects of their lives to HELP!

Whether you save water, recycle your household goods, use renewable energy, drive an electric vehicle, or even just make a conscious & smart decision about what you put in your shopping basket and in your body, YOU are the difference. It is not too late to start.


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