Your Best Life


Living healthy encompasses so much more than just a great physique. It means that your body is in optimum shape because of the physical, nutritional & mental habits you integrate into your daily lifestyle. Concentrate on what is truly good for you and the rest will follow... guaranteed!

Wealth is a relative concept. How much is enough to be considered "wealthy"? Is there an amount that you could think of that will give you all you need? Why not rather consider WEALTH as the culmination of what you have that you are truly grateful for? Consider love, family, freedom & choice.

You need to take care of YOU! There is only one of YOU and without YOU, no one has the benefit and joy of experiencing YOU. It is impossible to help others if you are unable to take care of yourself first, so take the time to do what is good & right for yourself.



Humans are naturally social beings and need to interact with others. This is necessary not only for emotional well-being, but mental well-being too. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, everyone needs someone to share their joys, griefs and experiences with. The world is an interconnected place, so make use of it.


In order to make a change, you first need to know what your starting point is. Identify your current position in life in relation to where you dream to be. Consider aspects in all FOUR of the areas mentioned above. Without a starting point, there can be no direction and any heading your journey may take could be fruitless, no matter how positive the intensions!

Once you know where to start, you can begin planning your destination. Don't be afraid to take a few "wrong turns" along the way because the true power is in the journey. Making mistakes is often the BEST teacher and the lessons you take away are the most valuable there are. Learn something new every day and make consistent gains.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step! Any small improvement in the right direction over an extended period is so much more fulfilling and powerful than a huge single action you could take. It is easier to make small course-correcting actions more often than to try and steer your ship to change when you realise too late that you are off course! Consistency is KEY!