There are very few certainties in life and you know the old adage about “Death & Taxes” being the only things that you can count on in the time we spend on earth, but there is another…

Death & Taxes

Dinosaurs & the apes

Charles Darwin

Most of the time when the word Evolution is mentioned, the dinosaurs, or the development of man from apes, are images that immediately come to mind. Whether you believe in the concept of Evolution, as popularised by Charles Darwin, or not, the one thing that cannot be denied is that to change also means to evolve. Thus change IS evolution.

CHANGE is constant and it is inevitable! However, thankfully, as opposed to death & taxes, you can choose it and direct it. Another saying you might be familiar with is that “You are the master of your own destiny”. This one, I like.

It’s your decision, either way

Doing anything in life is a decision. Even not doing something is a decision. And any decision you make will have a consequence. Not all consequences will always be ideal or work out the way you had hoped or planned, but every action also has a reaction (Newton’s Third Law of Motion)… this is a NATURAL LAW (as discovered by Sir Isaac Newton).

The good news about change is that you have the ability to affect it and direct it! You can control your own evolution, at least in the immediate future. This is where I derived the concept of Aiding Evolution from. In my own journey of self-discovery, I realised that there are many more people out there that probably find themselves in a similar situation to what I was in not so long ago and hopefully, I would be able to help them the way I began to help myself.

Satisfied but unfulfilled

Satisfied, but not happy!

I was not totally unhappy, but I definitely was not living life on my terms in all aspects of it. I was fulfilled in my personal relationships and I was at a great point in my life regarding my health & wellness, however, the professional aspect of life left much to be desired. I was running a business that I had no passion for and was “stuck” doing so for more than 20 years! As much as I wasn’t happy, it was still a decision that I had made and I was living with the consequences.

The lack of passion for the work had an overall effect on the long-term performance of the business, as well as on my spirit. I was constantly searching for the “next big thing” that would catapult me to the happiness & prosperity I knew that I deserved. Did it come? For a very long time, no, it didn’t. Only when I made a decision, believed in my choice to change my life AND I took ACTION, did the evolution begin to happen in my favour.

Knowledge is only “potential” power

Just knowing something is not necessarily a benefit. Putting that knowledge into action is what is so powerful. You too can choose how you want to live and make the change that will aid your own evolution.

Once you take the first step, the next becomes just a little easier and the next even more so. Your focus and energy tends to go in the direction that your intention does and this is what makes things that initially may seem impossible, become that much more possible. As you move in the direction that your choices take you, remember to also take the time to reflect and keep checking, keep revising where you are. You need to have a purpose & direction, but must be flexible to know when it isn’t going to be what you expected and adjust your path accordingly by making yet another decision.

Be prepared to fail

Taking that first step is easier said than done. As humans we will always worry and think of the worst that could happen. This fear of the unknown will often hold us back from making that conscious decision and to just go with the flow. But remember that not making a choice is still a decision in its own right and one that will ensure that you have no control over where life will lead you.

Turn worry into curiosity

Be CURIOUS, rather than worry about what might happen…

The physiological effect that nervousness has on our bodies is exactly the same as the effect that excitement has. The only difference is the way in which our mind perceives it… the one having a negative connotation and the other a positive one. Can you guess which is which? Be excited to fail, as only then can you learn and grow from the experience. Fearing failure will stop you from growing through experience.

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